Opel Astra H Twintop with our Barracuda Racing Wheels Tzunamee in the special color white with red accents. A thank you to our loyal customer K.Preuss + M.Preuss.
The Tzunamee EVO rim gives the Hyundai i30N a sportier look, thanks to the extreme concavity of the size 8.5×19. The wheel arch is perfectly filled with the ET 40 in combination with the standard 235/35 R19 tires. Lowering with a @kw_suspension coilover kit variant 3. Give your vehicle the last kick with our extraordinary design.
Zender Italia Fiat 124 Spider with our Barracuda Karizzma rims 8×18 and white trimline. Pure racing for the Fiat 124 with our racing wheels.
Polo GTI AW with our Barracuda Tzunamee EVO 8×18 ET 43 tuner rim plus spacers. Thanks for the picture material to A. Schuhmann.
Barracuda Inferno in hyper silver 10×20 concave for the Audi A6 4G. The Inferno gives the A6 4G a special touch and attracts attention. Available in the sizes 8.5×19 / 9.5×19 / 8.5×20 and 10×20 in silver and gunmetal polished.
@reifenkoch Dealer for Barracuda Racing Wheels. Here with a VW bus and our tuner rim Tzunamee EVO in the size 8×18. Despite the small size for the VW bus, we are of the opinion that the look is very good, as this rim looks significantly larger due to the brushed spokes. Tzunamee EVO available in 18-20 inches in all common bolt circles.
Barracuda Karizzma in Racing White 7.5×17 on the Suzuki Swift. Pure racing for the city runabout with our Karizzma rims. The Karizzma Racing White is only available in 7.5×17 4×100.4×114.3.5×100 and 5×112.  
Successful appearance from our base in Bergisch Gladbach @cardiologie_tuning with the BMW M4 Cabrio and our Barracuda Karizzma Racing rims in size 9×20 and rear axle 10.5×20. Tires front axle 2653020 and rear axle 2853020 including parts certificate. Lowering through cardiology with a set of springs from @eibach_de.
Whether racing cross spoke on the Barracuda Karizzma or our tuner rim Tzunamee EVO. At Barracuda Racing Wheels you will always find the right design thanks to our large variety of designs. Our products are available from well-stocked specialist shops. Give your vehicle a new statement with our individual designs.