Complete tuning package for the Youngtimer 206 with @kw_suspension coilover, sports exhaust system, performance increase to 245 hp from Clemens Motorsport, our Barracuda Karizzma 7.5×17 in matt black pure sports.
@jms_fahrzeugteile Tuning and conversion for the Astra H OPC with Barracuda Karizzma rims matt black polished 8.5×19 with 2253519 tires and lowering around 35mm with @hr special springs.
Barracuda Project X 10×22 in matt silver brushed for large limousines and SUVs. Available from late April / early May.
VW Beetle with our Tzunamee EVO 8.5×19 rim brushed in dark gun metal. Lowering with a @kw_suspension and we already have a mega brilliant Beetle. Are you curious about Barracuda Racing Wheels? No problem, ask your specialist dealer about our products or a base dealer at (
@sabrinadoberstein presents Barracuda Karizzma 7.5×17 on the Peugeot 206. Cult bike in sizes 7.5×17 to 10.5×20. Special applications such as 8×18 4/100 +4/108!. The tuning rim for individualists for BMW Mini, Opel, Ford and many more. 9×20 for the VW Bus T5 + 6 with high payload and much more. Available in well-stocked specialist shops, Barracuda bases nationally and internationally (addresses and directly from us.
Q5 from Audi with our Barracuda design wheel Project X and the 3-dimensional spoke shape. Facts: unique, flowforming, 16 kg, brushed front, 3 D design = Project X. Available from the end of April / beginning of May.
@gladen_audio, @ jms_fahrzeugteile, @ kw_suspension with A35 AMG W177. 8.5×20 Project 3.0 in flash gold and 245 tires. A high-end hi-fi system from Gladen ensures good sound in the vehicle, and a KW coilover suspension variant 3 from the JMS range ensures the draft. Need new shoes? The versatile Barracuda Wheels are available from your local dealer or directly from us.
@red_n_beast and his Hyundai I30N. Simply an ingenious tuning for the I30 N. Barracuda Racing Wheels Tzunamee EVO 8.5×19 ET 40 with 23535R19 tires, Racingbolts Barracuda, @kw_suspension coilover kit, @ingonoaktuning body kit (consisting of front lip, side skirts and rear diffuser). Coilovers and body kit available in the @jms_fahrzeugteile webshop.
The tuning professionals with @charly_tuning_profi on the TV station Vox “Sendung Automobile”. Once again with a rim from our house. Barracuda Shoxx 8.5×19 matt black pure Sport with 2253519 tires and @eibach_de sport springs. Successful project by the tuning professionals on the SLK R170.