Ultralight rim Project X

@essenmotorshow 2019 Presentation of our new Ultralight rim Project X in size 10×22 with @sabrinadoberstein. An absolute lightweight with around 16kg. This X-spoke is an absolute world first and will be available for many SUVs and limousines from April 2020. Bolt circles 5×108 (Jaguar, Volvo, Ford ….), 5×112 (Audi, Mercedes, VW, BMW ….), 5×114.3 (Honda, Mazda, Toyota, ….), 5×120 (Land Rover, BMW …), 5×127 (Jeep Grand Cherokee …) and 5×130 (Porsche, Mercedes ….). Standard colors matt brushed silver and matt brushed black. The X on the spoke is slightly raised and thus looks 3-dimensional.

We are already looking forward to the market launch. Ask your local dealer about Barracuda products. Thanks to our variety of designs and extremely wide range of applications, we guarantee that you will find the right design.