Mercedes C 63 AMG (C204) on lightweight Barracuda 19” wheels

Barracuda Racing Wheels Flowforming Ultralight Project 2.0

The 205 series of the Mercedes C class has been on the market since 2014 and has proven to be extremely popular and successful – even the AMG C 63 top model. But that its successor, the C 63 AMG based on the 204, is still an excellent foundation for tuning is proven by this example, which has been equipped with high-quality Barracuda Racing Wheels.

A set of Ultralight Project 2.0 wheel rims are turning in the wheel casings, wheel rims that are especially lightweight because they are made by the flow forming process. Even though they are 8.5×19” on the front axle, they weigh a mere 9.3 kilograms. In the rear, the wheels are 9.5×19”, yet still weigh only 9.8 kilograms.
The ten-spoke, gunmetal finish rims feature 235/35 ZR19 und 255/30 ZR19 tires. What is more, they are used together with Barracuda spacers. These measure ten millimeters in front and five millimeters in the rear, and are distinctive in that they have a centering starting at a thickness of only five millimeters. No body work was needed to mount the wheel-tire combination.

To round off the look, the AMG was also lowered by 50 millimeters on the front axle and 40 millimeters in the rear, thanks to the Bilstein B16 coilover.


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